The Beloved Marshmallow

by Heidi Hess November 18, 2017

Several years ago the very first Marshmallow Coat was constructed in a tiny basement somewhere in New York. The cones of yarn were hand loomed by perfectly skilled knitters that linked every seam by hand. A few samples of blended fibers later “The Marshmallow” was ready to make its debut.

One Fall day on the corner of Amsterdam & 72nd, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan I wore the Marshmallow at a very cool outdoor craft show, Crafts on Columbus.  I Sold out of the few I had in a very short time. Women kept coming back & my NYC customers including Deborah P. & Debbie R. fell in love with this fine coat. I think I wore it everyday for as long as I could before someone asked if I had anything else to wear, as it was 98 degrees.  Guess what I am wearing now?

Due to the intense production of this magical coat it has taken several years to find a way to bring it back to Heidi Hess Designs. The process is unlike anything I have ever been involved with making. Every little fiber works together to pull off the most stylish, polished & chic look. The school I have been attending, Fiber Academy, has had me deep in study, pouring over yummy blends.  The blend of the Marshmallow is magic.  

I’m thrilled to say The Marshmallow is back and we are taking pre orders now.

Shipping dates  starting 12/15.

Aside from The Hoodie Ponch, The Marshmallow is my most loved design.

I birthed it and have missed having it around. Its one of those things that you cant get out of your mind. I can honestly say it makes people really happy wearing it. On a crappy, gray day you will be smiling & pretty in the MM.  

Thank you to all who have pushed me to make this beautiful classic coat once again.


Heidi Hess
Heidi Hess


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