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For The LOVE of Fiber

by Heidi Hess February 06, 2018




Don't look it up in the dictionary just yet. 

It's the only word that helps me describe where I am at on this journey of mine.  I have been a student of The Fiber Academy and feel like I am close to graduating with my masters.  The next steps will be writing my thesis on For The LOVE of Fiber.

Over the last 10 years I have been consumed with hunting down the finest fiber & fabric this world has to offer.

I can smell it & see it from miles away.  Put me in a room, basement, barn, tent, cornfield or warehouse and let me go find exactly what I didn't   know I was looking for.  Try to bury it away from me and I will still be able to unearth it.   

When I fall in love, I fall hard with some of this fiber/fabric.  It knocks me out and I am in all the way.  I never have to think that hard about it.  I know right away.  That does not mean that on occasion I might fall for something that is not received by more of the masses.  I call this fiber "specialty finds". 

It's not a loser because there is always someone fabulous that will want to wear it and see the unique beauty it possesses.  Its a winning situation because there are unique women walking around in something that will most likely never be seen again.

Fiber hunts are what I live for.  Yes, I said it.

I love it and won't stop until I can find everything that needs to be made into an HHD

When I first started, I did solely hand loomed knits.  Using 1, 2 or 3 blended yarns.  I still love that and still freak every time I blend something for the first time that really works!  Like the hairy yarn that blends with a wool crepe and completely turns into the most delicious, yummy fabric that you will not want to take off.  

Now after almost 3 years I can say that the fiber hunt is just as good with already made fabric as it is to blend it yourself.  The hunt is what it's all about.

There is not one place to find these goodies.  Thankfully there is an entire universe with untapped fiber & fabric for me to discover.  That turns me on! 

Stay tuned into, whatever turns you on.   

xxoo HH

Heidi Hess
Heidi Hess


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